4's Company building

4’s Company is a metal fabrication company established in 1998. The company has the capability of fabricating a variety of products in aluminum, stainless, or other metals. Our specialty is custom fabrications across many industries. In addition to our standard products and product lines shown here, we have fabricated products for industries in 4's Company Meetingmaterial handling, pet supply, trucking, sports equipment, medical supply, recreation, safety, and special needs such as custom stairs for seaside residence. We can provide services for engineering, design, print, prototype, full production, packaging and delivery.

We provide our products through distributo4's Company servicers, and directly to other fabricators. In the years we have provided our services, we have earned a reputation from our customer’s for quality, reliability, and service. Using state of the art equipment, we commit our attention to the customer’s needs and deliver a product and service that exceeds the customer’s expectations.

If you would like to consult with us about providing your fabricated product needs, feel free to contact one of our friendly sales staff to discuss how we might be of service to you.